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INSHALLAH Premier in Derry, organised by Derry Friends of Palestine in partnership with Free Gaza Movement

INSHALLAH Premier in Derry, organised by Derry Friends of Palestine in partnership with Free Gaza Movement

Maurice Jacobsen a US documentary film maker has completed his one year filming of his documentary “Inshallah” inside Gaza. As part of the worldwide film tour, the Director, and his film, will be touring Ireland and we are pleased to announce that Derry Friends of Palestine has secured a screening. We would like to thank the Playhouse for facilitating the event in their newly refurbished theatre.

Sinead MacLochlainn, Chair of Derry Friends of Palestine said today “The Irish premier of this stunning interactive documentary will take place through the month of November in four venues across Ireland. The audience will have the opportunity to become part of the final film edit. In Derry the film will premier at the Playhouse, on Sunday November 14th at 7 pm. After the film there will be discussions with the producer and also a live video conferencing has been arranged between the audience in Derry and a studio in Gaza where a Q&A session between both sides will take place.”

Everyone welcome!! There is no charge for attending the screening, however we welcome donations. Derry’s Playhouse Theatre, Sunday November 14th 7pm

Ms. Maclochlainn continued: “The documentary has just begun screenings and is embarking on an international tour with planned stops in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, US and returning to Gaza in the spring. This will be a “one off” event as the “Inshallah” tour will then move on to other countries after the tour here.”

More information listed below on this unique event followed by the “Inshallah” film trailer:

A new documentary from Gaza directed by Maurice Jacobsen who has been working there for the last year. The documentary will be followed by a live two-way Q&A session at the conclusion of each screening between locals audiences and members of the Gazan community from the studios of the Media Group, Gaza City. The audience discussions and Q&A session with Gaza will be videotaped for inclusion on the project’s companion web site and will be incorporated into the final edit of the documentary. During these sessions an opened dialogue on Gaza will be encouraged.

Galway based coordinator for the Free Gaza Movement, Niamh Moloughney is part of this production team, “I’m delighted to be screening this documentary which gives us a tour of Gaza & it’s creative community. Part of the documentary follows the Freedom Flotilla from the Gaza side. The live link up provides us with another way to break the siege & isolation of Gaza.”

Maurice is bringing with him an idea from Gaza, which needs the support of the international artistic community -‘One of the biggest difficulties of the Gaza situation is communicating the Palestinian narrative to the world community….misinformation and disinformation run rampant.


Tue 9th – Galway TOWN HALL THEATRE @ 8pm
Sun 14th – Derry THE PLAYHOUSE @ 7pm
Mon 15th – Belfast CULTUIRLANN @ 7pm
Thurs 18th Dublin FILMBASE, TEMPLEBAR @ 8pm


  • hi , the whole project sounds cool i have not seen the movie yet. to get it to germany, were i live. what about translations?
    i do not know what to do but i am willing to do what i can

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