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Derry Friends of Palestine JOINS THE FREEDOM FLOTILLA 2

We have several important updates for our supporters which will be posted here over the next few days:

First update: Our associates at the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) have invited Derry Friends of Palestine to participate in the next Freedom Flotilla to Gaza.

Sinead MacLochlainn, the Chair of DFOP is assisting the ECESG in organising the “Women4Gaza” boat and she will also be a passenger on the “Women4Gaza” boat. In addition, our friend Mrs. Hedy Epstein who recently spoke here in Derry at the DFOP “Gaza Speaks to Derry” event as part of the Feile, will also be joining Sinead on the Woman4Gaza ship! They will be travelling together to break the siege and stand with the women of Gaza!

Having an all women’s boat as part of the Freedom Flotilla 2 makes an important statement. We ask you to support us in our all Women’s ship destined for Gaza in coordination with the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza as part of the freedom flotilla 2, with your backing and support we will show the world that women of the world, and especially here in Ireland, fully support the women living in Gaza who have suffered so much. Help us show them that we all support their right to a dignified life free from the oppression and tyranny of the Israeli state.

We urge the people of Derry and Ireland, but especially the women of Ireland, to contact aid organisations in your area and encourage them to either sponsor or organise fund raising events for the Freedom Flotilla 2. See end of post for Donation information. Also please help us spread the word on Facebook and your blogs, join us for live updates from the ship as DFOP members sail to break the siege on Gaza, join our new DFOP Freedom Flotilla 2 Facebook page HERE and stay up to date, and don’t forget to post your efforts and show your support on the international “Women 4 Gaza” Freedom Flotilla 2 Facebook page HERE as well.

A special message to the Women of Gaza :
We are coming to stand with you side by side to support you in your daily struggle; we admire and respect your strength and resilience in the face of food shortages, lack of medical care, and lack of jobs under an unjust and indiscriminate blockade.
Please donate to the Derry Friends of Palestine, Freedom Flotilla 2 campaign below:

Bank of Ireland
account# 45463260
Sort Code 90 49 74
Strand Road, Derry


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